H1N1 vaccine side effects in focus

Recent findings published in the New England Journal of Medicine provide some insights into H1N1 vaccine side effects.

In clinical trials involving 120 persons involving a single dose of H1N1, there
were no deaths, no serious adverse events or other events that would have triggered the tests to end. The most common reactions reported by less than half (46%) of test participants within a seven day period included headaches, muscle pain, malaise (general discomfort), and injection site tenderness. Two participants reported severe muscle pains and nausea; these were reportedly resolved within 5-10 days. Three test participants did develop an influenza like illness, one of whom tested positive for the H1N1 2009 virus.

The H1N1 2009 vaccine is prepared using the same techniques as the seasonal flu vaccine. This involves injecting the virus strain into fertilized chicken eggs. It is then harvested, purified and developed into a vaccine.


NEJM: Response after One Dose of a Monovalent Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Vaccine — Preliminary Report

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