H1N1 state of emergency in western Ukraine

Lviv Ukraine

Lviv, Ukraine

The World Health Organization (WHO) sent an nine-person investigation team on Monday (2 Nov), to Kyiv, Ukraine at the request of the government to investigate H1N1 outbreak affecting the western portion of the country.

According to Ukraine’s Ministry of Health, the country has recorded more than 235,000 influenza cases with 235 patients requiring intensive care. The ministry claimed 70 deaths in the country from acute respiratory illness. Although there has been one confirmed death from H1N1 in the country, WHO is assuming most illness is from H1N1 as this the predominant strain of flu.

The outbreak is most acute in the Ternopil, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Chernivtsi regions. Slovakia, which is on Ukraine’s western border, has closed two of five border crossings. Russia has announced it will examine, and if necessary quarantine people crossing from Ukraine.

The Ukrainian government “announced a nationwide ban on public gatherings, the closing of all schools for three weeks, and various travel restrictions.”

Ukraine will hold its presidential elections in January and the H1N1 outbreak has become a political issue. Both the current pro-western president and the opposition candidate want to perceived as “aggressive on public health issues.”

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