Opinion Research: Minority of businesses make adjustments to employee policies since advent of H1N1; Most Americans consider paid sick leave a basic workplace right

Opinion research conducted by the University of Chicago last year indicated Americans support paid sick leave by large majorities regardless of political persuasion. Most Americans consider paid sick leave a basic workplace right.

“86% of respondents believed that employers should be required by law to provide paid sick days to workers; 85% endorsed a plan that would require a minimum of seven paid sick days per year.”

In the University of Chicago opinion study, 68% of those who were “not eligible for paid sick days said they had gone to work with a contagious illness like the flu”; 17% of respondents indicated “that they have lost a job or were told they would lose their job if they took time off due to personal or family illness.”

A more recent national survey of business conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health found that 74% of businesses offered paid sick leave for employees. However, only 35% of businesses offered paid leave that would allow employees to take care of sick family members; even fewer (21%) allowed paid time off to care for children in the event schools or daycares were closed.

Only 12% of businesses surveyed had made changes to their employee policies since the advent of H1N1 last spring.

Harvard University: Four-Fifths of Businesses Foresee Severe Problems Maintaining Operations If Significant H1N1 Flu Outbreak. Employees Will Face Challenges As Few Businesses Offer Paid Leave to Care for Sick Family Members, Wednesday, September 9, 2009 Press Release
University of Chicago, National Opinion Research Center (NORC): Paid Sick Days – A Basic Labor Standard for the 21st Century -PDF

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