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Video Digest: 60 Minutes inside look at H1N1 vaccine; Uproar over H1N1 vaccine and Wall Street; Flu scare in Ukraine; H1N1 vaccines stolen 2

H1N1 state of emergency in western Ukraine Comments Off on H1N1 state of emergency in western Ukraine

The World Health Organization (WHO) sent an nine-person investigation team on Monday (2 Nov), to Kyiv, Ukraine at the request of the government to investigate H1N1 outbreak affecting the western portion of the country. According to Ukraine’s Ministry of Health, the country has recorded more than 235,000 influenza cases with 235 patients requiring intensive care. […]

Signs of an intensifying epidemic Comments Off on Signs of an intensifying epidemic

According to CDC data for the week ending 24 October, all but two states are reporting widespread influenza activity.  Yet there are a handful news accounts and blogs that are raising the question whether H1N1 has peaked. Examples can be found at LA Times and the skepticist Wisdom Bits. Anyone who has hazarded their savings […]

Scientists find new explanation for flu virus “antigenic drift” mutations; findings highlight the benefits of flu vaccination 1

H1N1 has been termed a “disease of the young” but all the reasons for this are not clear. In the 30 October issue of Science, researchers from the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases of the National Institute of Health suggest an answer may be found through closer examination of antigenic drift. Antigenic drift […]