A Shot in the Arm: New Public Information Campaign Push for H1N1 Vaccination

As the nation enters 2010 with ample H1N1 vaccine supplies and a public weary from H1N1, HHS has ramped up public information efforts encouraging Americans to get vaccinated.

Several events are planned for National Influenza Vaccination Week, which has been rescheduled to the week of Jan 10. New public-service announcements (PSA’s) are appearing on radio, TV and the Internet featuring young people, governors and congressmen urging people to fight and prevent the flu. The H1N1 vaccination information campaign will continue over the next eight weeks.


Editor’s Comment: All PSA’s have a positive and upbeat quality and will not scare the public. Some are quite clever. An unpredictable virus with unknown potential for more virulent waves, is a future that can be hedged against through widespread vaccination. This is an undercurrent in HHS and CDC communications.

Going forward, PSA planning perhaps can assume a difficult information environment as audiences may be harder to convince due to: “H1N1 fatigue“; perceptions that H1N1 dangers have passed; and entrenched suspicions about the H1N1 vaccine. Internet rumors and misinformation are always on the horizon. The H1N1 public information effort could require the dexterity of a political campaign.

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