Breaking News: WHO Emergency Committee Signals No Post-Peak Phase for H1N1 Pandemic

The Associated Press relays the following report from London that concerns World Health Organization (WHO) deliberations on transitioning from the peak phase of the H1N1 pandemic (i.e. Level 6), which has lasted nine months.

According to the AP report, WHO’s “emergency committee met Tuesday and suggested it was “premature” to recommend downgrading the global flu outbreak. Swine flu cases have dropped dramatically in recent weeks in Western countries, but the virus has only recently hit Africa. The southern hemisphere is also bracing for another wave of illness in the next few months.”

By WHO protocol, any public announcement is embargoed until after the Director-General informs the 193 member states of the decision. Formal announcement is expected on 24 Feb at 1000 GMT.

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AP: WHO: Swine flu still hasn’t peaked
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