Version 001. October 31 2009.

Q: With so much flu-related news on the web, WHY this site ?

A: Influenza Monitor is perhaps best suited for those interested in deep
diving on the subject of H1N1. This site covers the social, economic, cultural as well scientific, medical and epidemiological aspects of H1N1. News items are presented in executive summary format. The site might also be suitable for journalists, public health researchers, teachers, students, professionals and interested laypersons.

Q: So WHAT makes this different from other flu-related sites ?

A: Influenza Monitor integrates fact-based news and information primarily
focused on H1N1 developments. Some stories are widely reported. Others do not have wide circulation. All information comes from authoritative and
credible sources. Integration is performed to provide context.

Q: HOW is the news integration performed ?

A: The old fashioned way, by hand. The editorial style of Influenza Monitor is to keep news postings simple, short and sourced. Original source documents are attached to each news item and the reader has access to the underlying references used for the story.

Q: WHY is the site design so minimalist ?

A: Opinion, good and bad, has been rendered on the chosen site design template. Influenza is a serious topic that is perhaps not suitable for designs that clamor for attention. The focus is kept on the news and information. The site should be easily viewed in smartphone devices.

Q: So WHAT’s the deal with these advertisements ?

A: Influenza Monitor is supported through advertising revenues. Advertisers do not influence editorial decisions. See advertising policy. However, the advertisers selected are generally revelant to the site’s overall theme.

Q: WHY does the site so seem so unsociable ?

A: Influenza Monitor, for now, does not provide dedicated user opinion exchange forums, as do other sites in this space. However, Influenza Monitor is represented on the major social networking sites: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, MySpace and elsewhere. Users can provide comments and linkbacks on news items, and share same with leading social network sites. This all helps to get the conversation going.

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