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Vitamins and Minerals.

There are several natural products that are thought to build resistance to colds and flu or help cope with its symptoms. However they are not a substitute for proper medical treatment for serious flu complications. You should consult your physician. Some natural products may not be appropriate for you, especially if you are using particular prescription medications.

Vitamin C is one of the safest and most effective nutrients, according to experts. It is not a cure for the common cold, but it may shorten its duration. Other benefits may include protection against immune system deficiencies and cardiovascular disease.

Zinc helps fight infection and heal wounds and strengthen the immune system. It has become a popular treatment for the common cold.

Echinacea is one of the best-selling herbal products in the U.S. for treating the common cold. It is believed that the plant can boost the immune system and reduce the severity or length of colds. It may not be safe for people with diseases that affect the immune system.

Black Elderberry extract (Sambucol) is considered a natural antiviral.
There is some evidence that elderberry can block the flu virus’ ability to spread. Elderberry also appears to boost the production of some immune cells. Black elderberry extract can be found in a syrup form, lozenges, or capsules. There are sugar-free forms for diabetics.

Garlic appears to stimulate the immune system. Garlic may also help fight viruses. and may lower the risk of catching a cold. Some recommend enteric-coated garlic pills, which dissolve faster into the system without garlic breath or oders. Experts caution that garlic is a blood thinner, and could be dangerous for persons already taking such medications.

Ginseng may also boost the immune system and help prevent or treat cold and flu. One species, panax ginseng, may also increase the protection offered by the flu vaccine. Another North American blend of ginseng “Cold fX” when taken over the course of several months lowers the risk of contracting the cold or flu and reduces the severity of symptoms.

Tea Forte, Inc. Gourmet Teas

Green tea is believed to be an immune system booster, an anti-viral and it also has anti-bacterial properties. It can be taken in decaffinated capsule form and this is more potent than normal tea consumption.

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Home Products

One of the more essential items for this flu season will be hand cleansers. Neti-pots are recommended by experts to irrigate the nasal passages to remove the buildup of bacteria. Humidifiers can ease nasal congestion.


There is mixed evidence as to whether face masks provide protection against the flu. However, they are recommended if you must work or travel while symptomic with the flu, or if caring for a person infected with the flu within the home. If your inclined to purchase them, they should be disposable with a N95 rating, which will filter out 95% of small particles.

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